Meet Amy

Mother-Lover-Medicine Woman-Poet

With a lifetime of influences that bring natural & holistic health practices to the surface, Amy incorporates a diverse range of educations & insights to her practice, enabling her to deliver her unique abilities to see the cause beyond the symptoms & understand the solutions from various angles, enabling you to bring your health back into the balance required, especially for Conscious Conception.

A student & Dr of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture since 2004, Amy has been committed to delivering the your truth in health with the delicate connections that each body demands to allow you to fulfil your desires in life. Following Amy’s early years see’s her Teens being filled with making plant essences & developing natural skin care products, to her beginnings into Reiki Mastery at the age of 18. Ever intrigued, this passion for knowledge of natural health & the vast variety of contributing environmental factors has led Amy to further train in long list of lifestyle commitments with a focus on sacred, sexual, spiritual & shamanic realms including Fertility, Women’s Health (Womb Wisdom), Nutrition(IIN), Taoist Shamanism, Tantra, Qi Nei Tzang (energetic surgery) & the complete I.S.T.A (International School of Temple Arts),

Now 20 years in the making, Amy’s holistic connection into our world has led her to be an International voice for her passions & occupation. Her insights into Womb Wisdom & Sexual health are visionary & have featured in many discussions, supposiums & international panels into fertility & women’s health. Her shamanic presence leads & assists in sell out international retreats where our individual truths are held with open heart honesty & her divine essence channelled in the space she holds.

It’s been said that Amy’s earliest days of intuition stayed with her & this is how she grew, which makes the most sense in seeing how her intricate & educated self awareness has led to her expertise in Womb Wisdom with Women’s Health. As her self practice & lifestyle commitments complimented the visionary insights that led Amy down her chosen path, she has become an industry leader well before her years.  With her mentors pushing Amy towards her shamanic roots over the last two decades, Amy’s most profound healings have come from International clients, engaged in the ritual space, bridging this gap of distance with deeper intention & her multi modality treatments available to her visionary state of being.

Akin to everything energetic, Amy is bridging the gap between healing & health, empowering her clients as a ‘change agent’ to engage the body’s balance & energetic transfers, bringing healing to the root of its foundations. To compliment these shamanic insights, a full range of organic plant based supplements & her proprietary Tonics from Darkmoon Alchemy will be prescribed according to your health requirements.


“Relaxing, professional, indulgent.”


“Culminating a fantastic pregnancy & birth.”


“Exceptional care from a dedicated  practitioner.”


The most profound healing I’ve ever had


A M Y  R H O D E S

‘Too many women asleep at the womb’

Helping women become mothers via the truth in their heart. Reconnecting the spark in the relationship and in the bedroom.

+ Over 15 years clinical experience Specialising in Fertility & Women’s Health

+ Utilising Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanism & beyond

+ A  leading Fertility expert in Australia with International recognition.

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Womb Medicine
Shamanic Yin Acupuncture
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